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Over the hills and far away… aka tables and their meals

Italy was a dream. I’ll start with the quintessential scenery. This view was a few minutes walk from our house. It was one of the few times I wished hard for the 5D.


Photos don’t do it justice. It’s sort of like the grand canyon in that sense. You just sit or stand there breathing it all in. Absorbing the view, the smells, the light. Ideally while sipping your morning coffee or evening wine.

At this table we enjoyed most of our breakfasts:

At this one, our evening meals:

And at this table we enjoyed a THREE hour meal from heaven, in a 300 year old restaurant.


Golden Gate Birthday

We recently attended the most exquisitely located birthday party, ever. Our dear friends Andy and Carolyn invited us to join them for a picnic in Sausalito, CA to celebrate Andy’s birthday. It was a summery November afternoon, clear and warm. But what made the day so stunning, aside from the best of friends, was the view. I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

Here’s our view upon arrival. Walking from the parking lot. Not bad.

I don’t think picnics get more Sunset Magazine than this.

And looking the other way

And then of course there was birthday pie. Almond plum. Yum!

The clouds danced.

The moon came out.

And the sun set on another day on San Francisco Bay.

Baking, 3 year old style.

Anja’s been really into cooking lately. She’s been enjoying hopping up on a chair and helping with whatever’s going on. Baking is a favorite project, for obvious reasons, the reward at the end is always delicious. One thing I love about cooking with her is that it encourages me to relax. It’s a powerful reminder that things do not need to be perfect. Measured exactly, beaten just so. Instead, a mess is made. The counters, floor and mixer show that they have been lovingly used. The aprons get dirty as do fingers and faces. A little more of this, a little less of that and things still turn out lovely.

(photos by Mira, except where noted, this photo by Jane Forbes)

Last night Anja donned an apron and helped Auntie Carolyn bake birthday cake for Mama and for Auntie Jane. She was so focused, and involved in the process.

(photo by Jane Forbes)

The hand held mixer was novel, and mesmerizing, as we have a kitchen aid at home:

And placing cake batter into tiny cupcakes was a sheer delight, thanks to Carolyn’s mellow style. Want to use your fingers? Sure, go for it! Hands on is the best.

Then, way past bedtime and absolutely worth staying up for, the official taste test.

(photo by Jane)

I do believe it passed with flying colors.

Bubblegum Ice Cream

IMG_5257, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

I am in love with this girl.

Her eyes, her smile, her fierce determination and daredevil attitude.

And the sheer joy she exudes, while eating a bright blue bubble gum ice cream cone, on one of the first warm days of spring. I find that I have to resist the urge to clean up, and instead just let the blue gooey thrill of it drip everywhere.

Right now I should be doing taxes, or reorganizing a closet, or going for a run. But I’ve spent the last 24 hours dreaming of this image and feeling the perpetual spill over of love in my heart. And so I just had to share the passion. And more importantly, my love.