Trying it on…

A typical day around here could include rocking out, all dressed up (Miss A and her best friend Miss M):

Or painting every last nook and cranny of your face (a favorite activity at the Children’s Discovery Museum):

Which reminds me of a recent family conversation the four of us had in the car.

Papa to Noel: “What do you think about tattoos? Do you ever see yourself getting one?

Noel:”Yeah, I’ll probably get a small one, eventually, maybe on my leg or something.”

Papa: “Anja, what about you?”

Anja:”Yes, Definitely! I’ll have tattoos everywhere!”

Given that this child has covered herself in color with every medium imaginable- starting with finger paint.. and continuing now with anything that will mark on her skin, this isn’t a huge surprise. We’ll see how she feels about that needle though. She got one ear pierced and has yet to go back to do the other. All in good time. (suggestion to others, if your kid wants their ear pierced and you acquiesce, take your friend’s suggestion and have both ears done simultaneously, learn from my mistake.)

At 2 years:


One response to “Trying it on…

  1. This young lady has spirit!

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