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The land of bikes

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. Everyone is friendly, it’s beautiful, they have a bike priority culture, they are welcoming to kids, there’s a wide variety of food and the playgrounds ROCK. More on that in another post. For now bikes:


And a canal boat ride in the rain. Severely jet-lagged too.


Over the hills and far away… aka tables and their meals

Italy was a dream. I’ll start with the quintessential scenery. This view was a few minutes walk from our house. It was one of the few times I wished hard for the 5D.


Photos don’t do it justice. It’s sort of like the grand canyon in that sense. You just sit or stand there breathing it all in. Absorbing the view, the smells, the light. Ideally while sipping your morning coffee or evening wine.

At this table we enjoyed most of our breakfasts:

At this one, our evening meals:

And at this table we enjoyed a THREE hour meal from heaven, in a 300 year old restaurant.

mermaid eyes

mermaid eyes, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

Those eyes! The little mermaid dress, and how it doesn’t quite stay on. This is the same girl who was in full hockey gear out on the ice for her first time this morning. I love that she can play in so many ways.

head to head

head to head, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

I’m joining a 30 days of gratitude flickr group. May as well get back onto the blogging wagon while I’m at it.

Grateful for the smaller ones in our family, these two.
I am SO glad we got him.
He brings her such joy, and has completely won me over.
And a warm bathing suit day in the end of October? Well that’s something to jump through sprinklers about, i’ll just let her do the jumping for the both of us.