Heart explosion

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a few weeks of absolute heart explosion around here. My brother and sister in law had their second baby. A lovely, gentle home birth. I am so proud and thrilled for them, and my heart is wide open for this new little guy. I was able to fly east for a mini visit. It was breathtakingly amazing to hold the miraculous life of a newborn. But the biggest gift of flying from California to Philadelphia- alone for the first time since my daughter was born- was the chance to connect deeply with my niece. She’s 3 years old. Exactly 6 months younger than my daughter, and therefore ALL of my previous time with her has been mixed with being mommy to my own little one, and helping the two of them navigate baby/toddler/preschooler playing. One on one time was sweet, precious and deep. And, I believe, very appreciated by both of us.

While there, for 24 hours, I squeezed in a mini photo shoot. I have been struggling with my camera lately. Shutter issues. Focus issues. It’s immensely frustrating. And add to that the enormous challenge of doing a newborn shoot. In 10 minutes. With a house full of guests, moment’s before a Bris is about to begin. Yikes.  I came out with a few decent shots and LOTS of lessons learned.

Most of all. Gratitude for family that I not only LOVE, but also like.

Anja and I fly back in two weeks to spend a full week with our east coast family. Praying for snow, for my girl, I want her to see the magic of flakes falling down.


One response to “Heart explosion

  1. Lovely shots, Mira! And hey, there’s the famous Tova! Last I heard (from Anja, back at an airshow 18 months ago), Tova was jumping out of an airplane (“Oh no, Tova, be careful!”). Glad to hear she’s reformed her daredevil ways. ;->

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