Today’s gratitude list…

Today I’m grateful for…

1. This burst of unusual color in my yard. I have a crush on orange and pink bougainvillea.

2. Painting pumpkins! Which focuses my 3 year old for a good chunk of time AND we’ll get to carve the same pumpkin later this week.

3. We have clean running water. And a cozy warm home. And all that goes with that.

4. For photography. And for yoga. And for tea. And for the sanity check that any of these can bring me.

5. Meyer lemons on my teeny tiny dwarf lemon “tree”. (it comes up to my knee)

5. Halloween!

And lots more, like the stormy skies, the zinnias from farmers market, my husband cooking an incredible dinner, our good health, amazing friends, and my parents coming to visit this week.


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