Baking, 3 year old style.

Anja’s been really into cooking lately. She’s been enjoying hopping up on a chair and helping with whatever’s going on. Baking is a favorite project, for obvious reasons, the reward at the end is always delicious. One thing I love about cooking with her is that it encourages me to relax. It’s a powerful reminder that things do not need to be perfect. Measured exactly, beaten just so. Instead, a mess is made. The counters, floor and mixer show that they have been lovingly used. The aprons get dirty as do fingers and faces. A little more of this, a little less of that and things still turn out lovely.

(photos by Mira, except where noted, this photo by Jane Forbes)

Last night Anja donned an apron and helped Auntie Carolyn bake birthday cake for Mama and for Auntie Jane. She was so focused, and involved in the process.

(photo by Jane Forbes)

The hand held mixer was novel, and mesmerizing, as we have a kitchen aid at home:

And placing cake batter into tiny cupcakes was a sheer delight, thanks to Carolyn’s mellow style. Want to use your fingers? Sure, go for it! Hands on is the best.

Then, way past bedtime and absolutely worth staying up for, the official taste test.

(photo by Jane)

I do believe it passed with flying colors.


One response to “Baking, 3 year old style.

  1. What a lovely night we had!!! And the cupcakes were sooooo good! Thanks you guys – I love you all!

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