Imperfection. Morning style.

I love this image.

It’s not pretty. Certainly not the best shot of the Aunties or Anja, but I love the story that it tells. And the absolute love that comes through loud and clear on the tails of the imperfection. The framing of the tent window, versus the haze of the screen. First thing in the morning. Groggy eyes and messy hair, yet welcoming and cozy, imperfection and total open hearted love.

Because that’s what you have to be to invite (someone else’s) dirty 3 year old into your tent first thing in the morning. Into your bed for that matter. Absolute LOVE.

I welcome the lessons this image brought to me. I’ve been working with being accepting and peaceful with imperfection. And yet I’ve been paralyzed on blog posts. And it’s fear of not being good enough that keeps me, at a root level, from posting more than I do.  I lurk alot. I peruse other’s blogs, other’s pictures. But I don’t put mine out there.

Now I realize what I really want is to make and post the images that move me. And it doesn’t have to be technically or visually perfect. It just has to speak to my heart.

What speaks to your heart?


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