Monthly Archives: September 2010

Lip Gloss

First of all, it’s been so long since i’ve posted, that I had forgotten how to access my edit pages. That’s just wrong. Not judging myself so much as making fun. As you can tell, I finally figured it out.

Summer has come and gone. Well almost. It’s still pretty summery. But Sept 1st is always a marker in my head, almost more than Labor Day weekend.

Tonight Anja and I ventured out for a mother daughter date of sorts. We attended a soft launch party for a friend’s restaurant. Bruce, at the last moment, wasn’t able to attend. I wracked my brain all afternoon trying to figure out what friend might be available who I could bring as my date for the evening. But then I realized that I already had a date: Anja. And I must say, she’s charming company. We skipped and sang from our parking spot to the restaurant and back again. Pushing street crossing buttons is never so much fun as when you’re 3. And the way she enjoyed her empanadas and (rare treat) Sprite made me enjoy mine all that much more. She’s charming, talkative, friendly, and quite striking with her full head of spiral curls, orange halter dress and a 3″ hammerhead shark tattoo on the back of her shoulder. Every date should be as wonderful.

And as much as I tell her that a smile is every girls’ best accessory, she still insists on lip gloss when she sees me putting on make up…