Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mother’s Day flowers…

My husband is good to me.

First, he knows that I LOVE tulips, and so that is what he gave me for mother’s day. An enormous bouquet of tulips. But as for our activities on the actual day, we made it out for what turned out to be a slightly rainy, stunningly beautiful, wildflower hike. For whatever reason, I was soo tired, and after debating lugging my DSLR (and it’s weight) I headed out with my point and shoot. Boy was I glad I had a camera, and that he talked me into going. The best camera really is the one you have. Here’s what I was able to create with a point and shoot that day.

And then there was The Path…. I must remind myself to get out hiking more often. It almost always refreshes, inspires, and reconnects me.

And then there is the girl. Stunning, strong, funny, curious…

Sweetly, I stil get to wear her now and then. She rocked 80% of this day’s hike. Impressive for 3  years. I find myself wondering when we can start to take her backpacking. Of course I didn’t take this photo, but I though you should see how closely our hair matches.



Recently, one of my best friends honored me with the gift of photographing her family and their 10 day old newborn. I was giddy with excitement, and nervous for my first newborn shoot. Having 2 three year olds goofing around and wanting to get in on the action didn’t make things any easier. I learned so much and would do things differently next time, but for a totally casual, impromptu shoot, it wasn’t so bad.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The quintessential Anne Geddess….

And the joy of a growing family… their faces truly glow

Thank you dear friends for sharing the joy and inviting Anja and I into your home at such a precious and tender time.