Monthly Archives: July 2009

Color explosion

Eating summer fruit, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

You see, I’ve got to mix it up. Otherwise, you’re going to see a lot of this girl.

We are absolutely _loving_ the summer fruit. It’s a color explosion.



driftwood, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

I’ve got to figure out how to post more than one image at a time here. Postings are coming from flickr. Guidance is welcome (I guess I’ll have to make this public if I hope to actually get help!)

Regardless. This is from Black Point Beach area around Sea Ranch.

Please note that so far everything here is SOOC (that’s straight out of camera). I plan to tone down the color in this a bit.

Toes up

Toes up, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

Our girl, Anja. My most frequent subject. I like how this captures her unruly mane, impish expression, and gleeful toes.

Dave’s lens

Dave’s lens, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

Since I’ve just gotten this blog up and flying, today, I have a little bit of catch up to do. Perhaps it’s against the rules to post a photo that you’ve used in your header, but I so love this image of my friend Dave. I had to share it. There will probably be a few more in the works, and then I’ll slow down and thin out the posts.

Red Tulips

Tulips, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

My most favorite flowers: tulips. There’s just something about the sensuousness of them that gets me every time. A gift from my husband on our wedding anniversary. He’s so good to me.

fathers day love

fathers day love, originally uploaded by thislovelymoment.

Occasionally it all comes together. I’m learning that I often visualize the shot, but don’t always make it happen. This time I couldn’t have visualized it, it just presented itself. The BBQ is going, Anja’s playing with her bubbles, I’m enjoying a crisp white wine. And the love is flowing.